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Domisi Development: Crafting Dreams Across Greece

Driven by innovation and fueled by passion, Domisi Development, founded by visionary civil engineer Mr. Stavros Kapetanakis, transcends its Cretan roots to offer a diverse portfolio of exceptional dream-worthy properties throughout Greece. Mr. Kapetanakis, driven by a desire to push boundaries and create unique living experiences, began his career crafting stunning detached houses and tourist complexes for others. Recognizing the unparalleled lifestyle offered by these havens in idyllic settings, he established Domisi Development in 1999.

A family-driven legacy, Domisi Development embodies the tireless efforts of Mr. Kapetanakis and his wife, Ms. Rena Koutsaledaki. Joined by Mr. Kapetanakis' brother, Michalis, the company has flourished, constructing over 400 breathtaking detached houses across Crete, each a testament to their commitment to quality and client satisfaction. Testimonials from happy customers proudly adorn the Domisi Development portfolio, speaking volumes about their dedication to exceeding expectations.

Branching beyond the sun-kissed shores of Rethymno, Domisi Development boasts offices in Athens, Holland, and plans to open nine more international locations. This dynamic expansion speaks to the company's resilience, having weathered both the Greek financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic with unwavering determination.

Domisi Development's mission goes beyond mere construction, stretching into the realm of dream-making:

  • Unique Villas Under the Golden Sun: Their expertise extends beyond Crete, crafting exceptional villas throughout Greece, seamlessly blending luxury with the unique charm of each region's natural beauty.

  • Unparalleled Living Experiences: Whether nestled in the heart of bustling cities or offering tranquility on secluded beaches, their curated selection of villas, hotels, and apartments cater to diverse desires, promising an unforgettable stay.

  • Shaping the Future of Hospitality: Constant innovation fuels their passion, pushing the boundaries of design, functionality, and sustainability to create exceptional spaces that redefine the meaning of "home away from home."

  • Pioneering Real Estate Solutions: As a certified real estate brokerage, they offer comprehensive services, whether you seek to invest in a profitable rental property or own a piece of your Greek dream.

At Domisi Development, their passion transcends brick and mortar. They are dream-makers, weaving together exceptional properties, personalized experiences, and unwavering dedication to create lasting memories for each client.

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